Invitation for Member Comments on Proposed Changes to ACCJC Policies

Invitation for Member Comments on Proposed Changes to ACCJC Policies

The ACCJC policy committee oversees the development of new policies and changes to existing policies.  Commission procedures provide that proposed policy changes be considered by the Commission in a two-meeting process.  At the first meeting, policy changes are discussed and modifications are made as appropriate (first reading).  These policies are then circulated to ACCJC’s member institutions and other interested parties for review and comment before presentation at the next scheduled Commission meeting for a second-read and consideration.  At the January 2018 meeting, the following policies were reviewed during a first-read:

  1. Policy on Contractual Relationships with Non-Regionally Accredited Organizations – this policy has been revised to further define contracts regarding for-credit educational programming.
  2. Policy on Substantive Change – this policy was reviewed by the Commission’s Substantive Change Committee as part of their regular review of the Substantive Change Manual.  Minor revisions were made to define an institution’s new location as a “permanent” location.  Other minor edits were done to increase clarity of the policy’s provisions.

Following its Bylaws, the ACCJC invites comments from the field on these policy revisions.  Please send all comments to or follow the Comment Now link below.  Comments must be received by Friday, April 27, 2018 in order to be considered.  All comments will be reviewed by the Commission’s Policy Committee, who will incorporate relevant changes into the policy, which will then be presented to the Commission for a second-reading and action at the June 2018 meeting.  The policies will be on the Commission’s open meeting agenda, and anyone interested may comment on the proposed changes directly to the Commission during the public comment session (prior to the Commission taking action).

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