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Open Session Meeting Materials: January 10, 2018

2. Open Session AgendaDownload
3. June 2017 Open Session MinutesDownload
5. Vice President Steven Reynolds: Training and Educational ProgrammingDownload
6. Policy Committee Report - John Morton, Chair; Stephanie Droker, Vice PresidentDownload
6.a.i. Policy on Contractual Relationships with Non-Regionally Accredited OrganizationsDownload
6.a.ii. Policy on Substantive ChangeDownload
6.b.i. Policy on Review of Commission StandardsDownload
6.b.ii. Deletion of Standard III.A.6 and revisions to Standards II.A.2Download
7. Evaluation and Planning Committee Report - Sonya Christian, Chair; Gohar Momjian, Vice PresidentDownload
7.a. DRAFT ACCJC Strategic Plan_v5Download
7.b. DRAFT ACCJC Strategic Plan Implementation Report_v5Download
13. WASC Schools Commission - David YoshiharaDownload
14. WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) - Carmen SiglerDownload
15. California Community College Chancellor's Office - Erik SkinnerDownload
16. Hawai'i Colleges - John MortonDownload
17. Western Pacific Colleges - Mary A.Y. OkadaDownload

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