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Room: Garden Room I

Open Session Meeting Materials: June 5, 2019

Document TitleDownload
2. Open Session Agenda - June 2019Download PDF
3. Open Session Minutes - January 2019Download PDF
8. Evaluation and Planning Committee ReportDownload PDF
13. Summary of Annual ReportDownload PDF
14. Summary of Annual Fiscal Report Download PDF
15. Policy Committee ReportDownload PDF
15.a.i. Policy on Commission Good Practice in Relations with Member Institutions
Download PDF
15.a.ii. Policy on Student and Public Complaints Against Institutions
Download PDF
15.a.iii. Policy on Institutional Appeals (new)Download PDF
15.b.i. Policy on Monitoring Institutional PerformanceDownload PDF
15.b.ii. Policy on the Rights and Responsibilities of the Commission and Member Institutions
Download PDF
15.b.iii. Policy on Public Disclosure and Confidentiality in the Accreditation Process
Download PDF
15.b.iv. Policy on Commission Actions on InstitutionsDownload PDF
19. California Community College Chancellor’s OfficeDownload PDF
20. Hawai’i Community CollegesDownload PDF
21. Pacific Postsecondary Education CouncilDownload PDF