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Peer Reviewer Interest Form

  • Thank you for your interest to serve as a Peer Reviewer on an accreditation peer review team. The process of peer review allows peer professionals from colleges mostly in the Western Region (administrators, faculty, and other representatives) to consider academic quality and institutional improvement of ACCJC’s member colleges. This peer review process is unique to higher education accreditation in the United States.

    Commission staff develops peer review teams from a roster of experienced educators from across the region. Review teams are generally composed of eight to twelve individuals. In compliance with federal regulations, teams include both faculty and administrators. The Commission may appoint other representatives, based on the characteristics of the institution being visited.

    In general, Peer Reviewers are expected to:

  • •Have the time and institutional support to attend the mandatory one-day team training, participate in the evaluation visit, and complete written assignments as scheduled to contribute to the team report;
  • •Be good listeners, good writers, and strong analytic thinkers;
  • •Have a commitment to the Peer Review process and understand that peer review is the basis of the accreditation process;
  • •Have a working knowledge of the Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and pertinent Commission policies;
  • •Understand that institutions are accredited using ACCJC’s Accreditation Standards rather than the regulations or requirements of other groups;
  • •Remember that team members are peers who represent the Commission;
  • •Review the college in the context of its mission;
  • •Maintain objectivity and flexibility by refraining from imposing the opinions and beliefs of others and having a willingness to appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of the institution being evaluated;
  • •Rely on evidence in making judgments about the institution;
  • •Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing;
  • •Work as part of a team; and
  • •Maintain confidentiality.

    If you have interest in participating as a Peer Reviewer, we request that you submit your information below, accompanied by your résumé at time of submission.

    For more information on the peer review process, please refer to the Team Training Manual

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  • Note: All evaluators are expected to have general computer and word processing skills required for team work.
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