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Checklist for Evaluating Compliance with Federal Regulations and Commission Policies
The checklist alerts team members of recent USDE regulatory changes or interpretations. It also includes the Commission policies that must be specifically addressed.
Eligibility, Candidacy, and Initial Accreditation Manual
This Manual includes the steps for establishing eligibility, candidacy, and initial accreditation by ACCJC as well as the Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation Standards.
Guide to Accreditation for Governing Boards
This Guide explains the Accreditation Standards that describe the duties and responsibilities of governing board members for meeting Accreditation Standards and for leading a results-oriented college. The Guide includes electronic links to resource documents available for download. It is recommended for all CEOs and governing board members.
Guide to Evaluating and Improving Institutions
This Guide contains questions that might be asked about institutional quality as each Accreditation Standard is considered. It also provides suggestions for what might constitute evidence that an institution meets the Standards. It is intended for use by institutions as they write their Institutional Self Evaluation Report and by teams when evaluating institutions.
Guidelines for Preparing Institutional Reports to the Commission
Provides resources for preparing Midterm, Follow-Up, and Special Reports to the Commission
Institutional Financial Review and Resources
These resources are taken from ACCJC presentations and workshops.
Manual for Institutional Self-Evaluation
This manual contains suggestions for how an institution should organize for self-evaluation as well as forms that must be submitted as part of the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report. It is intended for use by institutions as they prepare for self-evaluation and the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report.
Midterm Report Data Reporting Form
Report Data Reporting Form for Midterm Reports
Substantive Change Manual
This Manual includes information on changes ACCJC considered substantive, the process used for obtaining ACCJC approval of substantive changes, and the Substantive Change Policy.
Team Chair Manual
This Manual is for use by individuals serving as chairs of peer review teams. It outlines the responsibilities and activities specific to the team chair and contains forms used in reporting
Team Training Manual
This Manual is for use by individuals serving on teams. It outlines the responsibilities and activities of team service and contains forms used in reporting.

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