Commission Election Process

Commission Election Process

  • The Commission is comprised of between 19 and 25 members who are elected by the membership to serve three-year terms. Sitting Commissioners may be elected to a second three-year term.
  • At its January meeting, the Commission announces the vacancies created by departing Commissioners, the names of Commissioners seeking a second term, and the categories of Commissioner positions that will be open and to which individuals may be elected.
  • The Commission sends a notice to the field announcing the Commissioner positions becoming open, accompanied by an invitation for applications and nominations for these positions. The announcement is also posted on the Commission’s website.
  • A Nominating Committee, selected by the Commission’s Executive Committee and comprised of four Commissioners and four non-Commissioners representing member institutions, will review applications for Commissioner positions and create a slate of candidates for the open positions.
  • The Chief Executive Officers of member institutions are asked to review the slate. The ACCJC Bylaws also provide a process by which At-Large candidates may be placed on the final ballot prior to voting. By early May, the slate of candidates for both open positions and re-election of sitting members is sent to the Chief Executive Officer of member institutions who will cast their vote. Ballots are received and counted at the Commission office, with the results announced at the Commission’s June meeting and thereafter made public on the Commission’s website.
  • New Commissioner terms begin on July 1 of each year.

Nominating Committee

The Executive Committee of the Commission has appointed the following persons to the Commission’s 2018 Nominating Committee:


Dr. Mary A.Y. Okada, Guam Community College, Administrative Member, PPEC, Term: 2018 and 2019
Dr. Richard Mahon, Allan Hancock College, Academic Member, Term: 2017 and 2018
Dr. Willard Lewallen, Hartnell College, Administrative Member, Term: 2018 and 2019
Dr. Ned Doffoney, Public Member, Term: 2018 and 2019


Ms. Julie Bruno, President, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, Term: 2017 and 2018
Dr. Kathleen Burke, President, Los Angeles Pierce College, Term 2017 and 2018
Dr. Cheryl Marshall, Chancellor, North Orange County Community College District, Term: 2017 and 2018
Dr. Matthew Wetstein, Superintendent/President, Cabrillo College, Term 2017 & 2018