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Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, and Commission Policies

Eligibility Requirements
Accreditation Standards
Commission Policies
Operational Policies

Eligibility Requirements for Accreditation

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Eligibility Requirements Adopted June 2014 At its June 2014 meeting, in Public Session, the Accrediting Commission adopted revised Eligibility Requirements.
Eligibility for Accreditation for Reviews through Fall 2015 The Eligibility Requirements used for evaluations through Fall 2015.

Accreditation Standards

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Accreditation Standards Adopted June 2014 The 2014 Standards are the basis for comprehensive institutional evaluations for reaffirmation of accreditation and may be used by institutions wishing to develop a baccalaureate degree.
Accreditation Standards 2014 BA Degree Highlights The Standards including BA Highlights, for reviews at institutions offering baccalaureate degrees.
Accreditation Standards 2014 Annotated Annotated version of the Standards that links relevant regulations and Commission Policies with Standards
Accreditation Standards 2014 Cross-walk and Glossary The Accreditation Standards, Cross-Walked, with Glossary Terms
Accreditation Standards for Reviews through Fall 2015 The Eligibility Requirements used for reviews through Fall 2015.

Commission Policies

Accreditation of Baccalaureate Degrees
Closing an Institution Revised June 2015
Commission Actions on Institutions
Commission Good Practice in Relations with Member Institutions
Complaints Against the the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
Direct Assessment of Learning
Eligibility to Apply for Accredited Status
Evaluation of Institutions in Multi-College/Multi-Unit Districts or Systems
Governing Boards for Military Institutions
Institutional Advertising, Student Recruitment, and Representation of Accredited Status
Institutional Compliance with Title IV
Institutional Degrees and Credits
Institutional Integrity and Ethics
Interregional Policies on Accred of Insts Operating Across Regions
Monitoring Institutional Performance
Policy on Contractual Relationships with Non-Regionally Accredited Organizations
Policy on Distance Education and on Correspondence Education
Policy on Institutions with Related Entities
Policy on Substantive Change
Policy Statement on Diversity
Principles of Good Practice in Overseas International Education Programs for Non-U.S. Nationals
Public Disclosure and Confidentiality in the Accreditation
Refund of Student Charges
Regarding Matters Under Litigation
Representation of Accredited Status
Review of Commission Actions
Rights and Responsibilities of the Commission and Member Institutions
Role of Accreditation Liaison Officers
Statement on the Benefits of Accreditation
Student and Public Complaints Against Institutions
Transfer of Credit

Commission Operational Policies and Documents

Access to Commission Meetings
Appellate Conflict of Interest and Statement
Bylaws of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Conflict of Interest for Commissioners, Evaluation Team Members, Consultants,.Administrative Staff, and Other Commission Representatives
Joint Accreditation by Regional and Specialized Accreditors
Professional and Ethical Responsibilities of Commission Members
Relations with Accrediting Agencies
Relations with Government Agencies
Review of Accreditation Standards
Statement on the Process for Preserving Confidentiality of Documents Related to Institutional Evaluations

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