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2017 Conference Materials

The 2017 ACCJC Partners in Excellence Conference took place from April 4 through April 7 in Irvine, California. More than 420 higher education professionals came together to participate in multiple formats for learning and networking. Following are some materials from the conference’s various presentations, workshops, and breakout sessions. To submit materials for posting on the website, please email communications@accjc.orgOpens in new window.




2017 ACCJC Conference Program Book
Contains the complete program of the 2017 Partners in Excellence conference, including speaker bios, breakout session descriptions, and sponsor information.
A Place at the Table
A Place at the Table: Applied Theatre and Nursing Tools for Broadening Student Understanding and Inspiring Engaged Citizenship, presentation by Marnie J. Glazier and Nancy Schur-Beymer – Hartnell College
ACCJC Advanced ISER Training
Presentation given during the ACCJC Advance ISER training, followed by two ISER examples and QFE example referenced in the training.
ACCJC New ALO Workshop
Presentation given during the ACCJC New ALO Workshop followed by QFE example.
ACCJC Standards Discussion
The materials referenced in the discussion of ACCJC Standards I.B.3 and I.B.6.
ACCJC Trustee CEO Workshop
Presentation given during the Trustee and CEO Workshop.
ASCCC Designing SLOs to Improve Instruction
ASCCC presentation on Designing SLOs to Improve Instruction, followed by the rubric and scenarios referenced in the presentation.
ASCCC Disaggregation SLO Assessment
ASCCC presentation Continuing the Conversation: Disaggregation of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessments
Clarification by Collaborative Codification
Presentation by Susan Lamb, Lillian Marrujo-Duck, Mandy Liang, and Kristin Charles – City College of San Francisco
Creating a Great Rubric
Presentation by Linda Suskie, Assessment & Accreditation Consultant
Critique of Standards
A Critique of the ACCJC’s 2014 Standards with Respect to Educational Quality and Excellence by Wendell Stephenson
Gathering and Using Disaggregated SLO Data
Presentation by Craig Kleinman and Pam Mery – City College of San Francisco
Integrated Budget Process
PowerPoint and Handouts for the Integrated Budget Process as Evidence of Institutional Effectiveness Presentation by Donna Berry and Stephanie Curry – Reedley College
Linking and Analyzing Outcomes
Linking and Analyzing SLOs for Instructional and Non-Instructional Programs, presentation by Frank Palacat, Nalani Kaun, and Jan Lubin – Windward Community College
Los Angeles Harbor Presentation
Los Angeles Harbor’s Assessment-based Planning: A Systems Approach, presentation by Edward Pai and Joachin Arias
Student Developmental Task & Lifestyle Assessment
Presentation by Elena Reigadas, Los Angeles Harbor College, and Kristi Blackburn, Cerritos College
The Hows and Whys of Integrated Planning
Presentation by Jan Lubin and Frank Palacat – Windward Community College
The Role of Library Reading Events on Student Success
Presentation by Kari Johnson and Gregory Ramirez – Madera Community College Center

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